Ctrl key behaves strangely in Firefox 3

I don't know if this is a Firefox xul bug or Zotero, but when I'm editing citations in Firefox 3, Ctrl+anything escapes from editing. So ctrl+c, ctrl+x, ctrl+v, ctrl+[arrow keys], etc., all things I use all the time, don't work. The only way to copy/cut/paste is to use the context menu. I have this problem in the current trunk and branch svn.
  • Works fine for me on OS X and XP with the latest Firefox 3 nightly and the latest Zotero 1.0 branch build. Try it in a new profile.
  • You're right, I've figured out the problem. The new gnome has an option to show the mouse pointer when CTRL is pressed, and the mouse pointer ends up stealing the focus away from the text fields in this case. I turned off that feature and everything is working now. Thanks.
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