Nature style missing period following author w/out first name

When a reference lacks an author first name (such as when the author is an organization), the Nature-style Word Plugin seems to omit the period following the name when producing a reference list.

For example, a reference appears thus:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change First Assessment Report: Overview Chapter. (IPCC, 1990).

Where "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" is the author, yet the period that ought to follow it is missing ("First Assessment Report: Overview Chapter" is the report title).

When the author name is split into a first and last within the author field in Zotero (that is, buy clicking the "Switch to two fields" icon on the author line), the period returns, but this mangles the name, as Zotero then thinks that part of the organization name is a series of first names, and initializes them, producing:

Change, I. P. on C. First Assessment Report: Overview Chapter. (IPCC, 1990)

This does not occur when using APA style (haven't tried other styles).

Observed this behavior for Report and Book item types, and haven't tested others.

Zotero standalone, Word 2011 for Mac, Zotero for Word 3.5.6
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