Ability to turn off auto-update of citations in a document

There has been several discussions here on the forum where the speed of Zotero has been discussed, that is, when inserting citations in either Word or LibreOffice. It seems that when there are too many citations in a document, Zotero needs a decent amount of time to run a check through all of them to ensure the correct format of the newly added citation. I do sometimes experience up to 35-40 seconds delay when adding a new citation. (I have gone through the process of checking whether there are any errors in the document and has found none.) This may hamper the process of adding citations to a document. So here is my suggestion: Would it be possible to add a checkbox to the initial dialog box "Document Preferences" where one could choose to turn off the auto updating of the citations in this document only and instead choose to do it manually by clicking on Zotero Refresh button?

I am not a programmer but would assume this perhaps does not involve too much coding efforts?
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