changing citation from (Author Year) to Author (Year)


I am now trying for hours to get the above mentioned change in order to be able to cite like this (as it is ubiquitous at least in economics) using the MS Word Plugin, however, in all styles provided here, the format is (Author Year) and I did not find any solutions of how to install modified styles.

So I am wondering if this is not a more convenient way of citing and whether there is an easy way to change this, either in word through the plugin or using the style files since
Solow (1969) argues .... while Heckman (1989), using an IV approach...
is much mor readable than
(Solow 1969) argues .... while (Heckman 1989), using an IV approach...

Any suggestions?

Thanks and enjoy!
  • Use "suppress author" option in the Word plugin.
  • @erazlogo: Thanks, it works indeed, but than I have to make all the changes of the authors and type them in myself while it would be optimal to keep them updated using zotero. So I hope there is another way of making this work.
    I wonder if I am the only one citing like this, which seems rather natural to me?
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