Nature style: Need bolded comma following volume #

Have begun using Zotero for formatting references according to the Nature referencing style. Noticed however, that Zotero does not conform to the style, as the comma following the volume number of a citation is not bold, as it should be. A small thing, to be sure, and easily remedied by Search and Replace in Word, but thought I'd mention it here for the lovely devs and in case I'm missing something.
  • The fixed style is up now. It will show up on the repository at within 30mins.
    Any problems let us know & thanks for reporting
  • Thanks for the quick fix!
  • Hmmm, looking at the repository now, and the "Nature" style still seems to have a last updated date of 9/28/12, so it looks like the updated style you put together hasn't shown up there yet. Hopefully the system will have it up soon...
  • sorry, commit didn't go through right away. Half an hour from now.
  • Adamsmith,

    Started using the style, and the bold comma issue is working beautifully! Thanks for all that you do!
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