AMA citation style

Hi Folks

I've recently upgraded to Word 2010 and in the re-loading excitement, I lost the AMA (American Medical Association) citation style that I had previously added when I was using Word 2003. Now I can't find the directions for adding in additional citation styles. I found a page that listed a bunch but when I clicked on the AMA option, it took me to a page with a whole bunch of gobbledy-gook on it that made no sense.

I distinctly recall when I added it the first time that it was easy enough to do. I say that because I did it without help, so it had to be easy. But clearly, I need help now! I've only just been able to get the bloody add-in to show on all my computers. I desperately need AMA.

If you can help me, I would so much appreciate it! Please feel free to assume that I am very, very stupid and that I need very specific, step-by-step instructions.
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