Style Error: Society of Biblical Literature

For citing a titled essay in an edited volume, the SBL Handbook of Style (7.2.12) specifies the following format:
Harold Attridge, “Jewish Historiography,” in Early Judaism and Its Modern Interpreters (ed. R. A. Kraft and G. W. E. Nickelsburg; Philadelphia: Fortress, 1986), 311–43.
When I cite a "book section" resource in Zotero, however, the footnote entry is as follows (example Zotero RDF):
Maurice Casey, “Christology and the Legitimating Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament,” in Old Testament in the New Testament: Essays in Honor of J. L. North (ed by. Steve Moyise; Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series 189; Sheffield: Sheffield, 2000), 42–64. (underlining added)
The "ed by." notation in the footnote should apparently be only "ed." with this notation being expanded to "Edited by" when the resource appears in the bibliography (SBLHS 7.2.12):
Attridge, Harold. “Jewish Historiography.” Pages 311–43 in Early Judaism and Its Modern Interpreters. Edited by R. A. Kraft and G. W. E. Nickelsburg. Philadelphia: Fortress, 1986.
Any instructions or help with correcting the output here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!
  • try updating (=reinstalling) the style from the repository - this should be correct in the current version.
  • Okay. Yes, that did remedy the problem. Sorry—I had thought styles got updated automatically with the rest of the software, but I'll know to check that next time something similar comes up. :-)
  • auto-updating styles is still planned as far as I know, but no, it doesn't currently happen.
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