I've been trying to sync my local library, on my laptop, with the server, many times now. I have another copy on my desktop computer, but have turned off auto-syncing on that device for now, hoping to get this resolved at least between the laptop and the server.

Sync repeatedly reports 41 conflicts. I have tried accepting the Local version of each that it offers, and most recently the Remote version. It also presents a Merged version, but the user interface does not allow me to accept that. After going through selection of the versions, various errors have been reported. Several have generated automated reports and asked that I send them in, using its interface. I have repeatedly, but this is the first one that has generated a report number.
  • This report number 2001994284 was generated by Zotero in relation to a sync error. It requested that I post here.

    I have been trying to sync a library on my laptop with the server for some time now, always with the same conflicts reported - 41 of them. I have tried accepting the local version, and most recently the remote version. Sync appears to complete sometimes, but has also generated a number of error reports that it has requested I submit using its interface. I have submitted all, but this is the first that has generated a report number. The other times, the report submission dialog has not completed and exited.

    Sometimes the sync process appears to complete without errors, but I always get the same 41 conflicts shortly thereafter.

    I have received some instructions from Zotero and followed them carefully, but have yet to be able to resolve these conflicts.
  • I have entered detailed comments twice before this for this error. Each time the dialog system appears to discard them.
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