Zotero Standalone Freezing when PDF is opened

On two computers, both running Linux Mint 13 with Mate, 64 bit, Zotero Standalone is freezing when I open a stored PDF. The Zotero window becomes unresponsive. However, when I close the PDF window, Zotero S returns to life. This happens with either Atril (which is the native Mate PDF viewer) or Evince (the PDF viewer typically included with Ubuntu and Gnome).

I've run Zotero Standalone via a terminal and see no error messages.

I am not sure what to do to produce usable error logs for you, but I will do whatever you need to produce more information.

EDIT: Zotero in Firefox 15 is working just fine. In fact, other features that were acting up in ZS - like "retrieve metadata from PDF" - are working in Firefox where they were'nt in ZS.
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