created new citation style for Journal of Environmental Management

I'm new to this but it looked all right to me. Here is the URL: git://

Thanks so much.
  • Is there any substantial difference between this and elsevier-harvard.csl other than the way webpages are handled (which doesn't seem to be specified in the author guide anyway)?
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    The elsevie-harvard style did not properly handle multiple citations in the same year by the same author as required by Journal of Environmental Management.
    For example, the Journal requires:
    Smith et al., 2001a or Smith et al., 2001b

    Whereas this citation style uses:
    Smith, McMurry, Haukos et al., 2001

    In other words, elsevier-harvard.csl kept adding authors to distinguish which citation was meant rather than assigning a letter.

    Also the webpage format was incorrect. The instructions for authors specify that "date accessed" for webpages should be listed. The elsevier-harvard.csl didn't output this field. Further, if you view recent publications of this journal, you'll note that webpages citations use the other style modifications I made.
  • I'm not sure that Journal of Environmental Management uses instructions that are any different than the other journals that we're trying to hit with elsevier-harvard.csl, though.

    Disambiguation strategies are often contentious and poorly defined by the style. The guide for authors states "More than one reference from the same author(s) in the same year must be identified by the letters". If the authors of two tests are Smith, McMurry, Haukos, and Jones, either the current style or your proposed style will yield "Smith et al., 2001a or Smith et al., 2001b". If one reference has those authors, but the other reference has Smith, Anderson, Bailey, and Willams, we have an under-defined situation. Only a single author is the same (and not all authors). That's the kind of case the disambiguation rule CAN kick in. But again, I see no difference in the documentation of this journal compared to other Elsevier journals. If we make a change, it should impact ALL of the journals.

    I don't believe there is any Elsevier style that says the access date should be omitted from URLs. So, again: we should change the single style & link make this (and other journals) dependent on elsevier-harvard.csl.
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    I haven't investigated the other Elsevier Journals style requirements. Probably you are right.

    In regard to author lists, because Elsevier requests that Journal names be abbreviated, probably they require a bibliographic style that saves space. Therefore I doubt they are promoting long author lists rather than using the 2001a, 2001b form, even when all authors aren't the same.

    I defer to your opinion on this matter.
  • Actually, there is another error in the citation style that I did not address. Citations in text should be listed alphabetically and then chronologically. This requires putting the author macro before the issue macro in the citation sort list. I've changed my local copy, but you can decide whether the global copy should be changed.
  • (the sorting issue was fixed a while ago for the style on the repository. Currently CSL styles in Zotero do not update automatically)
  • In the sample issue of Journal of Environmental Management at, the third article, "Assessment of arsenic immobilization in synthetically prepared cemented paste backfill specimens", uses:

    "Benzaazoua et al., 2004a" and "Benzaazoua et al., 2004b"

    Benzaazoua, M., Fall, M., Belem, T., 2004a. A contribution to understanding the
    hardening process of cemented pastefill. Minerals Engineering 17 (2), 141e152.

    Benzaazoua, M., Marion, P., Picquet, I., Bussière, B., 2004b. The use of pastefill as
    a solidification and stabilization process for the control of acid mine drainage.
    Minerals Engineering 17 (2), 233e243.

    So for this style, disambiguate-add-names="true" should not be used.
  • Journal of Environmental Management is now up as a dependent style of elsevier harvard. All issues of Elsevier Harvard noted above have since been fixed.
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