Bibliography bugs

I'm not sure where to post general bug reports so I hope this is the right place.

When exporting a collection of references as a Bibliography, there are some minor errors:

* Any references sharing an author have their year suffixed with a letter regardless of whether the sources were published in the same year and hence require differentiation.
* When a date accessed is given but not a URL to go with it, the APA reference has "Retrieved [date], from " tacked on the end when an allowance should be made for not having specified the URL.
* When citing a chapter or section of a book using CMS-method, there is no space after the section title and before "in [book]".
  • APA (and other export formats) are undergoing major revision in the next beta release and should resolve most if not all of these issues. Please stay tuned.
  • Still more bugs:

    When multiple items share the same first author and year, Zotero still differentiates between them by suffixing the year with a letter even if some of the items have multiple authors (i.e. Author 2000 is different to Author et al. 2000 or Author & Subauthor 2000 and hence the 2000a, 2000b, 2000c is not required). This also means that in certain citation styles dashes are used when in fact the author is different.

    Authors with surnames such a "de Something" (and I assume "van Somethingelse, etc.) appear at the bottom of alphabetized bibliographies.

    Sorry for the vagueness, I'm terrible at making things clear. If you want me to clarify a certain point I will try.
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