Customising Zotero report contents, with Zotero standalone

In the Zotero documentation it says this about sort order:

_Sort Order: By default reports sort items alphabetically by title in ascending order. You can change the sort order by appending ”?sort=” to the report's URL, followed by the item field(s) you would like to sort by. Use a comma to separate the different fields. To use a descending sort order, add ”/d” after the field name. For example, a URL of a report that is first sorted by title in ascending order, and then by date in descending order looks like:zotero://report/items/0_KKZSDPI2/html/report.html?sort=title,date/d

But in Zotero standalone you can only save web pages to your computer, you cant, as far as I can see, append ”?sort=” to the report's URL It does not have a url, just a directory address.

I would dearly like to be able to do custom sorts of the contents of Zotero reports, so can anyone please advise me on how to do so, with Zotero Standalone?

regards, rick davies
  • that's currently not possible. AFAIK improved reports functionality is planned for standalone, but not in the very near future.
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