Journal editor(s) and book translator(s)

I've been playing with Zotero for a while now and don't think I've missed this so I thought I'd ask here. I can't find the info field anywhere for translator(s) and year of translation for books. Nor can I find a field for the editor of a journal a journal article is featured in. If anyone could point out where I'm going wrong it would be greatly appreciated.
  • You can add editors and translators by adding a new author/contributor (click the plus sign next to the existing author field). Then click on "Author" and select the contributor's role: Author, Contributor, Editor, Series Editor, Translator.

    We don't yet support multiple years for references.
  • Excellent. Thank you - I knew there was an obvious answer...
  • You're very welcome.
  • any way to get zotero to pick up translators, editors, etc. automatically from a libaray record?
  • jah98: For which library? There are many different catalog systems & they have different translators.
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