Get PDF from references in library

Hi everyone,

A student asked if he can get PDfs from the references he imported in its Zotero library.
I was about to tell me that it's not possible, but I wanted to be sure that nobody has a trick or a tip to do so.

  • Automatically downloading PDFs for references that are already in Zotero is not currently possible, but it is a frequently requested feature and it is planned for some time in the future (not very soon though).

    However, where PDFs are available, importing references into Zotero from websites should typically also download the PDFs (if the option is selected in Zotero Preferences under General tab).
  • Good news.
    Thanks for the answer.
  • i have similar problem with your student.

    but does anybody know, wheter endnote can do this job or not ?
    if so, than i can export it later to zotero.
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