unresponsive script when trying to generate bibliography

I've been trying to generate a bibliography for a few hours, might have tried 15 or 20 times. Every time I got an 'unresponsive script' warning, and I was asked if I wanted to stop the script or continue. (I actually have no idea what that means.) NO matter what I chose, the results were the same -- cannot generate bibliography.
I only succeeded once -- when I choose a folder which contains only about 1/3 of my total bibliography size (about 80 items or so). But that wouldn't really work for me, cos I can't chop up the reference list into different parts.
Can anyone enlighten me, what does that mean? What could be the problem? How can I resolve it?
Many thanks.
  • it sounds like a problem discussed there:
  • Thanks. I am not sure it's the same issue though. The phenomenon sounds similar, but people in that link are talking about pluggins (OOo or Word). I was trying to generate bibliography from Zotero itself -- export to rtf or clipboard.
    btw, I couldn't understand how to generate bibliography from the pluggin -- seems to me that we need to add item by item instead of moving a whole chunk over. Or am I going the stupid way?
  • yes, you add each reference while you write your text by clicking "insert citation" (e.g. Smith 1999) and Zotero will then add the reference list ("insert bibliography") and keep it updated as you may later change the text ("refresh")
    Does this answer your question or am I missing your point?
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