insert citation error -- libre office in ubuntu 1210

my problem :
i cannot insert citation in my libre office document (odt also doc).
the search dialog box came out, searching article is ok.
problem start when I enter that article to insert it.

it does nothing, the "Quick Format Citation" dialog box still there, doing fancy moving bar (searching query I believe)

in document only appear {Citation}

I am using
ubuntu 12.10
firefox 16.02
zotero plugin 3.0.8

zotero stand alone 3.0

install stand alone because its work faster when the data already alot.
is this the cause ? or something else ?

in both zotero I cannot insert citation.
when I use ubuntu 10.10 with firefox only it does work.

  • after googling around.

    found one sugestion to go to libre office, TOOLS>OPTION
    and choose Java JDK , and click OK

    re install the extension, restart the computer.

    it WORKS !!
    in firefox zotero, havent try on Zotero Stand Alone though.

    only leave me question, why do we need to do this ? is this random error ? or because of auto update from ubuntu ?
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