Internal Library Scrapper not detected?

We are using the ALICE software by Softlink for our library. (

When an individual book is clicked on from a library search a new browser window is opened with no address bar. So no Zotero scrapper icons can appear.

I then open Zotero, and hit "Create new Item from current page". This creates a resource rather than the correct type "book" which appears when I test against the page.

If I get the page info from Firefox and then paste in the URL then the scrapper icon appears and the data can be exported correctly.

Can someone tell me if this is a limitation or bug in Zotero or if I need to do something else.
  • I haven't tested it, but try
  • Hi Dan,

    This works for me.

    Now the trouble still seems to be that the create item from page does not do the usual check against a web check as I just tried something similar from Amazon and I had a resource rather than the item.
  • Could you clarify what you mean? The "Create New Item from Current Page" doesn't use site translators, if that's what you mean—it just saves a Web Page item with very basic metadata (title, URL, access date).
  • Ah that is the problem - I expected create new item from page to use site translators rather than add a web page item.

    Could a second button be added maybe that does this?
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