autofill even more

A feature I would love to see is the autofill of information on a book already included. In other words, if citing mutliple chapters from one book, after the first time entering the book information, it would be autofilled in any other citation from that same book. At present, this happens with the title, but this doesn't trigger an auto-fill of other fields such as publisher, location, date, etc. It would save a lot of annoying typing.
  • Have you tried "duplicating" the main book entry, then changing the duplicate to Book Section, then manually move the title to the appropriate spot. For additional chapters, I just duplicate the chapter entry then edit the chapter title and author.

    This may not be quite as slick as what you are proposing, but I think it accomplishes much the same thing.
  • I should have thought of that -- thanks!
  • You're welcome. Besides, if everybody thought of everything, it wouldn't be any fun hanging out in the forums!
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