Tag-selector: Display problem with long tags


I use for tagging long ordered tags to emulate hierarchical tags with simple flat tags (example of one of my tags: >ETEC>Nachrichtentechnik>Kodierung>OFDM).

The tag-selector box displays only the first (maybe 40) characters. Not enough for me to see the most detailed part of the tag - the end.

Is it possible introduce to zotere a (perhaps) hidden preference flag to allow to display the tags in full length in the tag-selector. I think, this should be easy.

(I startet the same discussion some years ago http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/8705/tag-window-displays-shortened-tags/ but until now, there is nothing happend to this simple problem. I restarts the discussion, because the discussion group 2.0 is closed and nobody answers open discussions in a closed discussion group.)

Thanks for answers.
  • Hi,

    is it possible to fix this problem in the next release of zotero?

    Thanks for answering,
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