Dropbox and Zotero

I changed the storage location to dropbox which synchronize my two zoteros (two machines) except for the pdf files. They are copied to dropbox but only in maps with numbers on and not in the Zotero interface. Everything else looks fine. Any idea why?
  • To store Zotero in a different location than the Firefox profile you need to change the location in the advanced preferences pane and then you need to move the zotero.sqlite file and the storage folder into the new location you have selected. Have you done this?
  • Yes I did and it works now. It seems like the sqlite or something needs updating and this updating is automatic but not instant, which is no problem because I do take some time getting from one pc to the other :-)

    Everything works beautifully now, I made all kinds of notes and links and it is all there.

    Thank you!
  • I'm not sure how Dropbox handles conflicts (i.e., if you modify a file on both machines before they're done syncing), but you'll probably want to be very careful you don't have Firefox open on both machines or else you could corrupt your database.
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