APA style results in incorrect in-text references to chapter

I want to cite a chapter in a non-edited book using the APA style. The APA manual states that chapter should not be abbreviated and gives the following example (rule 6.19)

(Shimamura, 1989. Chapter 3)

However, Zotero seems to abbreviate chapter as chap. Here is an example produced by Zotero:

(Cohen, Cohen, West, & Aiken, 2003, chap. 2)

The citation should be

(Cohen, Cohen, West, & Aiken, 2003, Chapter 2)
  • thanks. I don't have the manual here, so could you please clarify:
    In your first example you have a period between year and locator (Chapter), in the second one you have comma. Which is correct?
  • confirmed & fixed (it should&does have a comma). Thanks for letting us know.
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