Item Type menu is not scrolling when open (accessibility)

Dear devs,

the Item Type menu cannot be scrolled with the middle button on my pointing device, when the pointer is moved onto the list. When I open the menu, do not move the pointer and scroll on the active Item Type entry, the scrolling of the open list above the pointer works.

The scrolling works good in the My Library tree, the list of the items and list of the tags. (Note: The scrolling is position sensitive. i.e. I do not have to click into the the subwindows to make the scrolling active there -- it activates on hover. That is am awesome feature!). The list of Item Types may be rolled by a side bar or arrows on my keyboard.

IMO, it would be a great accessibility enhancement, if the list would be scroll/roll on scrolling my mouse pointer, when the pointer is on the list.

IMO, it would be an AWESOME accessibility enhancement, if the list would cycle through the end and the start as follows:

| [...]
| TV Broadcast
| Video Recording
| Web Page
| Artwork
| Audio recording
| Broadcast
| [...]

  • Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here. What would you like to scroll? The item type menu is a drop-down menu, which never scrolls. As an example of a similar menu, click Edit on your post here and look at the category menu.
  • Dear Dan,

    thank you for the prompt answer.

    I compiled a screenshot of the terms I used. It is placed on Imageshack:

    I check the Category menu, and that one and the list of Item Types are visually of the same type. The difference is that the list of Item Type in Zotero is much longer, and so there is a scroll bar appearing on the side.

    The position A is where the _does_ scrolling works, and the position B is where the scrolling _does not_ work.

    The scrolling of the list is only working, when pulling the scroll bar on the side.

    Cheers, M
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