Citations look different in Zotero Reference test pane

I've been playing around with a custom CSL style. Everything is working fine except for one thing.

I want to substitute author for translator in the in-text citation.

This works fine, except that if I have multiple translators, and include and="text" in the CSL, I get (Smith and Brown 2011) in the test pane but (Smith, Brown 2011) in Word.

Obviously, what it shows up in the test pane is what I am after.

Is this a bug?
  • it could be a bug, but it's more likely an invalid style that gets interpreted differently in the two settings (when something is "wrong" in a style it's a bit unpredictable what will happen).
    Post a copy of your style as a public gist to , provide a link here and we'll take a look.
  • Wait, I take it back. I think I just hadn't updated the style properly. It works fine now. Sorry!
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