Highlighting position marked on scrollbar

Google chrome has a very neat feature that marks the position of matching words on the scrollbar, when using the website-search via CTRL+F.
This made me think of a different application of this concept in Zotero.

Since I use Zotero's Highlighting feature a lot I think it would be great if the position of Highlighted words was highlited on the scrollbar. This way it would be much easier to find highlighted words in long documents.
  • -FYI, Zotero's annotation and highlighting functionality is no longer supported.
    Cf. http://www.zotero.org/support/screencast_tutorials/annotation

    And: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/22330/highlight-text-on-webpages-before-saving-to-zotero/#Item_2
    Highlighting itself in Zotero is no longer supported, and we don't recommend using highlighting or annotations. (Neither have ever synced with the server, for example.)

    I believe it's possible to use a third-party tool to highlight a viewed webpage and save that, with modifications, to Zotero.
    -That said, the feature you describe would be nice in an updated highlighting function.
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    Not supported? I didn't know that, neither can I understand it, it's an extremely useful function. Modernizing and reintegrating it would have a high priority imho.

    Nevertheless thank you for the info.

    I have been using the highlighting function of my standard pdf tool and I guess i will have to use a third party tool for websites from now on.
  • Not supported means that you're on your own if there's an issue (due, for example, to a Firefox update which would break the functionality).
    But the problem is mainly that it doesn't (and has never) sync. You should find a third-party tool which embed the highlights and annotations directly in the webpage code.
    (If you find a good one which is open-source, just post here)
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