problem syncing 2 computers

I am migrating 30,000+ references from EndNote. I have installed standalone on both computers (it seemed that performance was better). I have migrated all references on one computer. I have automatic syncing on (just references, not files).
On the 2nd computer, the references migrated on the 1st do not automatically show up. If I import them from copies of the same export files from EndNote I used for the 1st computer (broken into many pieces of the library), they import - but complain that multiple tags had to be resolved as they were entered on multiple computers. This would seem to reflect that Zotero's servers have seen the imports from the 1st computer - so why don't they synchronize to the 2nd on their own?
  • When I look at Zotero as a Firefox extension, it sees only what is on the local computer - makes sense, but not consistent with the complaints about resolving conflicts. Ultimately, I can import everything locally on the 2nd computer, but I am concerned that synchronization will work well as I later add references to one or the other computer - the whole point of sharing the library.
  • syncing large libraries can take time

    There is no difference between Zotero Standalone and for Firefox as syncing is concerned.

    If you want to manually transfer items from computer A to computer B, _don't_ import the Endnote data on both. Instead, use this:
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