Innopac translator problem

This started in this thread, but it seems the problem's more general, and I'm hoping it'll be picked up by someone who knows the InnoPAC translator.

Sometimes whatever translator handles IInnoPAC isn't getting triggered.

Searches which do trigger:,+richard/awhite+richard/1,21,39,B/frameset&FF=awhite+richard+1951&2,,5/indexsort=-,+richard/awhite+richard/1,21,39,B/frameset&FF=awhite+richard+1951&2,,5/indexsort=-

Searches which don't:,2,2,B/frameset&FF=tcultural+history+in+australia&1,1,

I notice with the UQ lib catalogue, the ones that don't work are all of the form
Just removing the '~S7?' seems to fix it. There isn't such an obvious pattern to the unimelb catalogue, but it looks to me like there's just a problem of some sort with whatever examines the URL (regexp?).
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