article in a supplement of a magazine

I need to refer to an article in a supplement of a magazine. If I choos as sourcetype magazine,I don't see a field called supplement.
Any suggestion how to solve this?
  • "Issue" field I think.
  • that doesn't seem to do the trick
  • It has to be in Turabian 7.
    Thanks for the link BTW.
    But the Supplement has a separate title and I think my promotor wants both the supplements title as well as the magazine's title
  • I give you an example:

    Author: J.H.
    Title : Kerstfeest in Hasselt
    Supplement: Uit den Arbeid
    Date: 1 March 1935
    Page : 1 (pages have own numbering, different from magazine
    Magazine: Onze Hoop
    Volume 11
    N° / Date 5 / 1 March 1935
  • Did you try "journal article" with the field "collection-title" (don't remember the exact name) for the supplement title?
  • If you swith to journal article, you'll get:
    J. H., “Kerstfeest in Hasselt,” Onze Hoop, no. 5, Uit den Arbeid, (March 1, 1935): 1.

    H., J. “Kerstfeest in Hasselt.” Onze Hoop, no. 5. Uit den Arbeid, (March 1, 1935): 1.
  • It must turn up like this:

    Surname, Familyname, “title article,” in “Supplement,” Magazine, volume, nr magazine, number Supplement (date): pagenumber supplement.
  • See also:
    Zotero currently doesn't support supplements. There is no way to get the above citation.
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