status of bibtex quick copy


Is there a way to get quick copy to work for bibtex with both references and citations? I.e. ctrl-alt-c copies the bibtex entry and ctrl-alt-a the citation \cite{xyz}.

It seems only bibliographic styles provide both, but bibtex is only an export format, so you can't copy the citation without replacing the bibtex exporter, like described here:

Is that the best way to generate \cite{xyz} citations?


  • yes, installing/using the separate translator for citekeys is currently your best option. There is no quick copy option that can do both and there is nothing in the translator code that would currently allow the creation of such a translator.

    There are, however, other tools - Zot2Bib, AutoZotBib, lyz - that facilitate the workflow with (La)TeX and might be worth looking at
  • Some people use the BibTeX CSL style. I, personally, export my library as a .bib file & use 3rd-party tools to pull citekeys from it.
  • is the BibTex CSL style this one here?
  • The most up-to-date version is on the style repository:
    under BibTeX Generic Style
  • great, that's what I am looking for.

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