Zoetro-ready website from a XML file?


I'm working at a journal and we'd like to make our website zotero-ready.
Following the recommandations here : http://www.zotero.org/support/dev/exposing_metadata
We would like to know what's the best to proceed...

- We currently have a quite large database thousan of articles in PDF, displayed on the website as individual file to download.
- We have a big XML file with all the metadata, which is similar to the one we provide to indexing society / catalogue/database such as HeinOline, and so on.

Any suggestion on the best/most efficient way to work with that?

  • a clean and efficient way would be for you to display google/highwire metatags in the page header (<meta name="citation_title" etc.) - for articles they're able to display all relevant information - it should be pretty straightforward to auto-generate those from the XML - they include a tag for the file link - citation_pdf_url - so Zotero will be able to download the pdf as well.
    Presumably having your data indexed by google scholar is desirable for you anyway, no?
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