bizarre line breaks in footnote citations

I've been asked to help someone working on her dissertation with the following problem:

Upon doing the final copy-editing I am noticing that a few of my [footnote] citations have bizarre line-breaks, that cannot be resolved by manipulating the text in Word (normally an option with Zotero 3.0.8) or by changing the output style. In some cases the Zotero citations are breaking the text right in the middle of a word. I have searched the Zotero forums and have not found anything that suggests this is a common problem. Have you come across this issue, or do you have any suggestions for a way to solve this problem?

The other forum discussions on line breaks don't seem to be exactly the same issue. I did point her to the "debugging broken documents" page. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  • Could you give an example?
    My suspicion is that this is at least as much a Word as a Zotero problem - Word footnotes are notoriously finicky.
  • Here's how one footnote looks:

    See, for examples,
    Rudolf Bultmann, Theology of the New Testament (Waco, Tex.: Baylor University Pr
    ess, 2007), 1:14-
    15; repr. of Theology of the New Testament 2 vols.; trans. Kendrick Grobel. (New Yo
    rk: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1951-
    55); Wilhelm Bousset, Kyrios Christos: a History of the Belief in Christ from the Beginnings of Christianity to Irenaeus (New York: Abingdon, 1970), 60–68.
  • Any chance that these have been modified using the "View Editor" function of the classic plugin? I believe I have seen similar reports related to that function.
  • Yes, she said she did use the View Editor function of the classic to modify this report.
  • right - I don't know any details, but I see that Simon just fixed something on the trunk relating to this.

    I'll let him comment what course of action makes sense for you here.
  • In the meantime, she removed the citation, re-inserted it, then edited it directly in Word. But it's still not working. Maybe Simon can comment. Thanks!
  • the same line breaks issue or something else?
  • There is an issue with the editor in "classic view" in Zotero 3.0.8 producing non-breaking spaces, which will be corrected in the next release. However, editing the entry in the document should work.
  • I just posted in the troubleshooting category with a similar problem for non-breaking spaces in the bibliography of my Word document. The strange line breaks occur because all the spaces get replaced with non-breaking space characters. This only happens when I have done some editing to that reference in the edit bibliography function.
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