import packege insert citation information from dailymed

I was wondering if there was an automated way to import drug package insert citation information quickly from into zotero?? I looked through the forums for a way to do this and all I came up with was a 2008 request to automate this that did not make mention of ...
  • not currently.
    it would be possible - they have an API -
    but I wouldn't even know where to start putting information. Are these ever cited? How?
  • I usually use a style similar to this:
    Name_of_company. Product_name [package insert]. City, ABBREV_STATE: Abbrev_month year_of_publication.

    As an example:
    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP. CRESTOR (rosuvastatin calcium) tablet, film coated [package insert]. Wilmington, DE: Feb 2012.

    All of this information is usually in the structured listing in DailyMed. I was looking at some of the examples listed in and I settled on the 'Report' format since it included the 'place' field. I've started using this by manually entering the information I want into the 'Report' fields. This may not be the best format, and it's definitely not automated... It would be nice if I could 'one click' this info into Zotero...
  • OK, won't happen any time soon, but I bookmarked it and will eventually take a look - but more likely than not we're talking several months at least.
  • Thanks. I'll check on this from time to time, as well as let other drug info, pharmacy, and hospital folks know.
  • Has this been addressed yet? Looking for some way to automate the medication package insert citation process
  • no, sorry, never got to this I'm afraid
  • Is this something that could be looked into? Or at least adding a "package insert" section to the new item tab using a template/format similar to this to save some time manually entering the information? Thanks!

    Name_of_company. Product_name [package insert]. City, ABBREV_STATE: Abbrev_month year_of_publication.
  • It's very unlikely that there'll be a package insert item type in the foreseeable future, sorry -- that's too niche to make sense as an item type for all users, so won't happen until some sort of custom item types are feasible.
  • But that cite format can be well accommodated using Report and entering “Package insert” into the Report type field.
  • I would also love to request a translator for regulations and such... I know someone recommended Juris-M but that's essentially a different software and I wonder whether zotero could adopt it? Legal documents, regulations, and guidance shouldn't be as niche as package inserts.
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