cannot cancel installation of word processor plugins

I'm using Zotero standalone in Ubuntu 12.04, and it keeps prompting me to install the word processor plugins (which I don't need) and I can't (easily) cancel the process.

Here's what happens: I start Zotero, and it pops up with the OpenOffice/etc integration installation dialog box. I click "cancel" because I don't need that. A box pops up asking me if I'm sure about canceling the integration installation. I click "OK" because I am quite sure. That box disappears -- but the original integration installation dialog box remains.

I click "cancel" and the same thing happens again. It's stuck in a loop.

In order to actually cancel the process, I need to click the red "close window" button on the title bar of the integration installation dialog. The "are you sure?" box pops up, and then I can click "OK" and it all disappears.

So there's some minor programming problem there. But I also want to know how to permanently make that question go away. I don't want the word processor integration ever. How do I convince Zotero to give up asking me?

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