zotero updating all the time (online)

hello, i find it very difficult to work, zotero seems to update every some minutes. i can't even fill out one note without interruptions, which makes it difficult to work. the green arrow icon does not necessarily turn though.
  • Update meaning what? Syncing? Have you tried disabling auto-sync?
  • well, everything freezes (typing, menus, icons)for a number of seconds, sometimes in very close intervals. even writing this post is interrupted. when i click somewhere, the blue turning circle icon (firefox) becomes visible. i did not disable auto-sync until now, beacuse i fear i could forget to sync. but perhaps i should make it just for a test. i will report on that.
  • Yes, this is just for troubleshooting. We recommend leaving auto-sync enabled for normal use.
  • ok, i tried that. no interruptions whatsoever. so what now? it is true that my library is quite big. is there no possibility to tell zotero to sync at larger intervals?
  • If you click the sync icon manually, does the sync complete? Is there a freeze? If so, once it completes the sync, does the freeze happen again each time you click it?
  • the sync completes, but there is a freeze each time. first, the green arrow icon makes a half turn, then it is as if the whole display was simply blocking, and if i click again (sometimes several times), the blue spinning circle appears. after that, every thing is ok and moving with my mouse on the green icon shows me since how many seconds it has been synced, which corresponds to reality.
  • hello,
    problem still there - no solution?
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that exhibits this freeze?
  • ok, i tried that just now. it freezd when i wanted to zoom up an attachment
  • uuups, sorry: The Debug ID is D1572064939
  • It does look like there may be something wrong here, but there's a bit too much output to figure out exactly what's going on. Can you disable auto-sync temporarily, restart Zotero, and provide a Debug ID that begins immediately before clicking on the sync icon and ends as soon as the sync finishes? You can re-enable auto-sync afterward.
  • i'll try again, the one i send you was with autosync on. since it happens every half a minut, i had to be active some time to get it
  • The Debug ID is D2048827011.
    don't know if i was shor enough
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    OK, looks like it froze for about 18 seconds. Does that sound about right?
  • yes, must be about that
  • Is your Zotero data directory on a local hard drive or something else (e.g., a network share, flash drive, etc.)?
  • local hard drive
  • Do you have any security software installed on your system? If so, try disabling it. It seems to be taking an awfully long time to check for updated files.

    You do have a lot of files, but I don't think we've received other reports of this sort of delay. Possible that it's a Vista issue...
  • i've got windows 7. and then avast! vor antivirus, perhaps other software. can't check that right now, i'll get in touch as soon as i have
  • i deactivated avast!, but that changed nothing
  • Continuing this, since you're still having trouble...

    It looks one of your Zotero installations downloaded your full library earlier today. Did you reset something or install Zotero into a fresh data directory, or have you been using Zotero normally?
  • used zotero normally, exept that i had to close and restart firefox several times because of that other problem with moving items from one collection to the other
  • OK, well, something triggered a full sync, which would certainly explain the freezing you saw. We're in the process of overhauling how syncing works in Zotero to reduce cases of this, though they should be pretty rare.

    Are you experiencing freezing at the moment, or just this morning? It looks like, since the full sync, you've been syncing normally.
  • this happens continously, but only if i start to type or change items. i can work for about 30-45 secs, and then it blocks for about 10-15 secs, and so on. the letters i type are not registrated anymore, which is different from the freezing when zotero is syncing. if i continue clicking, there is even the message that firefox is not responding.it seems to me that after this blocking there is the usual syncing process, with the green arrow icon turning.
  • Can you provide another Debug ID for this, with the latest version of Zotero? I'd need debug output just for a single auto-sync (that causes the freeze) after typing a few letters.
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    That's a Report ID, not a Debug ID. We need the latter.

    Also, you should confirm that it still happens if you disable all other Firefox extensions.

    Finally, if you haven't yet, you could try downloading Zotero Standalone, which will share the Zotero for Firefox data directory by default, and see if that has the same issue while it's syncing.
  • hello, i did both, so you should also have recieved the other one.
  • We need the actual ids to look at them.
  • ok now i sent you another one with all add-ons deactivated except for zotero
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