citing an abbreviated source

For a book MS I have several sources I want to cite in abbreviated form, putting the necessary publication data in my list of abbreviated sources and then citing the abbreviation and page numbers only.
Using CMoS with Windows 2010
Example: Roy P. Basler, The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (Chicago, 2001), 2:40 would become CWAL, 2:40
When I strip the Zotero entry on Basler, the citation gives me a n.d. where it wants the publication date.
Because I have notes attached to Basler I want to keep that item in my library.
Should I enter the citation manually each time or is there a way to create an odd citation like this.
What is the best solution?
  • Just doing this manually is currently the best option.
    There is no way to create an abbreviation like that for subsequent citations with Zotero (since this isn't uncommon in law, it's possible that the abbreviation plugin I pointed you to in another thread allows this, but I don't know).
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