Enhanced PDF viewing: would zotero be appropriate for this development?

Hi and thanks for this great tool!

I'm a huge zotero fan but what i see as a huge feature with other sci-lit software is enchanced PDF viewing. E.g., Readcube gives article recommendations, UtopiaDocs gives links to blogs talking about an article in question, Mendeley also gives recommendations, but the grandprize goes to SciVerse apps ($$$ Elseiver fulltext apps) which provides a huge litany of enchanced content, such as displaying species info of organisms cited in a paper, links to renderings of molecules cited, maps of the locations mentioned in a paper, ETC.

Obviously this is wildly different from reference management, and such enhancements really are more about extracting and recognizing content in a pdf. Nonetheless, the program which can do what Zotero does plus this enhanced content will be the killer app that wins.

Thats a long preface but my question is if I were looking to develop such an enchanced content app, would Zotero be an appropriate platform or is there another development platform which makes more sense? e.g., a firefox addon, or some other app-expandable pdf viewer? Zotero comes to mind because it already has pdf text reading capabilities.

As a concrete example of what I'd like to develop: an article mentions the latin scientific names of organisms, which are recognized by an app which then pulls summaries of the organisms from Wikipedia and displays them as links in seperate popup panel. Substitute species name for anything else of interest, such as geographic location, legal case, molecule, gene, etc.
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