Inserting a space in a journal article beginning with a quotation

Using CMoS in an endnote citing a journal article that begins with a quote: 'We Are Threatened with . . . Anarchy and Ruin', in Zotero this befomes "'We Are ...
My editor says I need a space between the the " and the '
I have tried just adding a space, but that is automatically closed up whenever I finish editing the item.
I know how to edit it, but I would like to fix it in Zotero and remain synced to the item.
  • that can't be fixed in Zotero.
    Just do a search&replace when you're done with everything else.

    We could look into whether this is a general typographical rule and then implement this globally. having the extra space there is certainly not unusual.
  • I read up on this a little - if anything, what you want is a non-breaking space - otherwise, you can get a line-break between the two quotation marks, which is clearly typographical nonsense. Other people prefer the narrow version of this, yet others think this should be handled in the font itself.

    This is really the type of typographical detail that the editor/publisher should handle rather than you.
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