How to use sugarsync to sync zotero library, attachments, etc.?

Hello everyone,

I'm currently using both Zotero on multiple computers and Zotfile on only one computer (to attach pdfs)

May I know how can I use sugarsync to sync the zotero library and pdfs?

Currently, I can only double click an item to open the pdf in the one computer with zotfile.

With Regards,
  • For Zotfile - what setting do you use for "Location of Files"? (It's under ZotFile Preferences in the General Tab)?
  • Hello Adam,

    Here's the custom location:
    C:\Users\Peter\Documents\Magic Briefcase\Research Articles

    I understand that the file path has to be the same for it to work but that's impossible given the different location of Magic Briefcase in different computers.

    Furthermore, I understand that it is not advisable to sync the zotero library over cloud services such as sugar sync as it might corrupt the data.

    Hence, I'm at my wits end on how to use zotero, zotfile, and the pdfs in the numerous devices that I work with.
  • The easiest solution would be to just use Zotero's own file storage:
    Tell Zotfile to leave the files as Zotero attachments (attach stored copy of file(s)), pay up for Zotero's file storage, have files available on all synced computers as well as online at without any hassle, and support free and open source software on the way.

    Alternatively you can find a WebDAV service such as CloudMe or so and use Zotero's WebDAV syncing - same as above, though cheaper, potentially a little less hassle free, and you lose file availability on and the part about supporting FLOSS software.

    The third option is to find a way to have Zotfile store the files in a folder that's the same on all of your computers - that'd be somewhere directly on C I suppose - and create symlinks from that folder into the magic briefcase. I can't help you with the details of that, but it should be possible - read up on symlinks for your OS and ask on a specialized forum if you need help.
    That option won't work if you're going to use different OS types (e.g. mac and windows) on different computers.
  • Hello Adam,

    I have zotfile to attach file as zotero attachments (I have to reattach everything unfortunately)

    Subsequently, I use as webdav to sync everything and it works!

    Does this mean that the zotero library and pdfs are all in one place? Backed up and in sync?

    I can't thank you enough for your valuable inputs!
  • Does this mean that the zotero library and pdfs are all in one place? Backed up and in sync?
    Yes they're all in once place, namely the zotero data folder:
    They're also in sync using two different servers - zotero's for your citation data, for the attachments.

    You shouldn't rely on syncing alone for backup, however:
    A reliable back-up system has some type of version control, i.e. the ability to go back to different versions of a file/your harddisk at different points in time. Apple's Time Machine is the best known example of this, but afaik something along those lines is available for Windows as well.
  • Hello Adam,

    Thank you so much for your help! I've been racking my brains for days and now its finally solved.

    Plus, I simply use zotfile to rename the file to get all pdfs attached! (no need to reattach from scratch)

    I do backup a copy of my zotero on my dropbox. Thanks again!
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