Zotero integration with refbase & bibliophile apps


first of all, many thanks for this great tool, I'm sure it will rock!

We (i.e., the developers of the refbase.net project) would like to provide tight integration with Zotero so that Zotero users could smoothly exchange data with a refbase server.

It's great that Zotero supports COinS (ocoins.info) which allows Zotero users to directly import one or more records displayed on refbase web pages via a single click. However, OpenURL/COinS does only support the publication's first author and does not include any additional information such as abstracts or keywords/tags.

Of course, users could always export data from refbase (as Endnote, RIS, BibTeX, MODS XML) and import them into their Zotero library manually. However, it would be cool if Zotero could automatically sense any full-fledged export data that are provided by refbase for a given record.

refbase supports the unAPI service (unapi.info) which would allow Zotero to automatically identify all export formats available for a record and grab its preferred format for import. I've read on Dan Chudnov's blog (onebiglibrary.net) that you're thinking about implementing the unAPI service. This would be extremely cool and would surely help many users. Thanks for considering this!

Speaking of cool things, it would be also neat if Zotero could grab & display RSS feeds that apps such as refbase provide (for newly added records as well as for custom searches). Then, if a user wants to import a particular record, grab the linked (or embedded) source data and import them.

We'd also love to allow Zotero users to sync their local libraries with a remote refbase server (i.e., not only download but upload data). It would be cool if you guys would settle for some kind of standard API/protocol for your Zotero <-> Zotero server application which could be used by other third-party tools as well. This would open up a lot of great possibilities.

Some time ago, the developers of several bibliographic web applications founded the Bibliophile initiative (http://bibliophile.sourceforge.net/) in order to develop means of intercommunication -- with cross-site searches and data synching being possible applications. We have not yet settled for a common interchange format and protocol and it would be cool if these efforts could be aligned with the related Zotero server developments. I'm deeply convinced that everybody would benefit from common interchange methods.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts about all this.


(on behalf of all refbase/bibliophile developers)
  • Thats great idea. In our research group different people use different bibliographic programs and we want to make an integrated wiki database like refbase and important thing is syncing between programs like zotero, i.e., the best one that I use ;) and the server.
    Its better to share references including pdf files.

    Please, make it... :P
  • Oh yeah, this would really be a very practical thing. Unfortunately Zotero doesn't offer (yet?) the option to save the references along with PDFs or other files in a group. This combination would mean a big step towards an open platform shared library, where library means really a library including the documents.
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