New version of ZotPad (iPad/iPhone client for Zotero) available

  • With the upcoming free and paid versions, if I purchase the current version of Zotpad right now, will I have to repay for the future version that includes annotating capabilities, or will that be free for people who've already paid?
  • All future updates are free, no need to pay for the App again. So you will get the annotation functionality "for free" when it is ready.
  • Great! I just purchased the app today, and it's fantastic! Very happy about the purchase. The annotating features will just push it over the top.

    The only change I hope you make soon is to the search feature. I remember articles as, for example, Smith 1982--and that's how I search for them in Zotero. But currently Zotpad is using a literal phrase search, so those type of queries don't work.
  • The current search is the first implementation, and it will be replaced with a better version. The idea of the 1.0 version was to get a basic feature set out quickly and then improve on that based on user feedback and my own needs. Searching has dependencies with full-text searching of PDFs, and has been postponed until a real PDF framework can be included in ZotPad. This will happen in the 1.3 version and better search will probably be implemented in the version after that. (It may be implemented in the 1.3 already, but this is unlikely.)
  • Good to know. I'm actually glad that it doesn't full-text search the PDFs. That always returns way too many irrelevant results. I prefer Zotero's default quick search (which I think just searches the major fields).
  • I just wanted to thank the developer for this incredible app, I really appreciate the hours of development work that went into it, for the dedication of putting your spare time into it, and I imagine rather low financial reward, please know you deserve high praise and lots of good karma. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the app. Just got an iPad and the app makes it great to use. Can now read attached files and highlight PDFs. Can anyone give me a tip on the simplest method of extracting the highlights in a PDF made on the iPad into a note in zotero?
  • grieth: Use Zotfile and its extract annotations feature

    ZotPad 1.3 will include built-in annotation capability and may include a feature of automatically creating notes from the annotations.
  • Thanks for the great app. Just got an iPad and the app makes it great to use. Can now read attached files and highlight PDFs.

    Can anyone give me a tip on the simplest method of extracting the highlights in a PDF made on the iPad via zotpad into a note in zotero?
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    ZotPad is a great addition to Zotero! I added to my iPad and can see all libraries that have been shared with me but I cant see My Library. In the API key I have turned off Allow library access to third party for my Personal Library, I dont want to share My Library.

    Follow-up: Don't know if any one is following this but I checked ALLOWED Third Party ACCESS and My Library now shows up on my iPad. I hope this is just some ambiguous wording in the API key and I have not really allowed all THIRD PARTIES ACCESS!
  • jcrisco and everyone else, if you have problems with ZotPad, check the support site available at

    Anyone needing personal support will receive it, but you should start support requests directly from the ZotPad because that will automatically send a lot of useful information that can be used for troubleshooting.
  • Still having crashes on startup with ipad 3 iOS 6. I have it set to active libraries and PDF sync completely off. It still crashes in about 5s after starting 100% of the time. Works well on my iPhone 5. Reference library is relatively small with only about 300 references at this point.
  • If you are having problems with ZotPad, please check this article for how to get support. The integrated support system will suggest solutions to common problems and sending support requests with the system automatically includes all relevant technical information about your setup and a log file that can be used to trace the problem.

    If you are experiencing a crash, crash logs are typically very helpful in diagnosing the issue
  • Thank you for your help. I set a support email from the application one or two days ago.
  • Sorry for the small delay. This week is the start of a new teaching period, so my day-time job has kept me busy. I just responded to your ticket.
  • Thank you again.
  • ZotPad is now available for free. The only thing that has changed is the price

    Future versions will contain features that require in-app purchase. (Anyone who has paid for ZotPad will get these features for free.)

    Read more here:
  • Zotpad discontinued?

    Zotpad's future-plans page refers to the coming versions being 1.3 and 1.4, whereas on the main zotpad homepage a lookout is given to zotpad 2.0. On the Zotpad Github page, apparently, nothing has been happening since 2013.

    I am just considering to buy an ipad to read articles using zotpad offline in the train, but of course only if the project continues.

    Does anybody know more about the future plans for Zotpad? And even if further development has stalled, will there be support for people buying version 1.2.15 at the app store now?
  • Yes, I'd treat ZotPad as basically discontinued.
    The app is free, though, so you wouldn't be buying it at the app store, anyway?
    There's also Papership, which is actively developed, also free, and has been getting pretty good reviews on iTunes.
  • dear adam, thank you for that fast and helpful answer! I'll have a look at papership then.

    (I love this forum :-)
  • The one major issue with Papership is that it doesn't work well with Groups. If you have a lot of group libraries, it can get unbearably slow. It also has a few other quirks (it can only handle 1 note and 1 attachment per item, for example). If neither of these is an issue, it should work well for you.
  • I have a situation where I store my attachments in Dropbox rather than syncing to Zotero storage. Papership is unable to find any of my files, naturally. Even if it could -- e.g., if I used WebDAV storage -- I actually want to have my attachments offline so that I can read it without connecting to the Internet (I don't have an Internet connection at my house).

    I wrote a Python script that will:
    - Go through your Zotero database and create a hierarchical directory structure, with a directory corresponding to each Zotero collection
    - Place symbolic links in each directory to PDF attachments in Zotero storage.

    This directory structure can then be placed on cloud storage and sync'ed with an Ipad or Android tablet. Edits/annotations made on the tablet will eventually be synced to your Zotero PDFs.

    You can find the code at:

    Questions at artemyk at gmail .
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