What is your system?

Dear, Zotero community!
Zotero is a great research tool, but it is only a tool. Success depends greatly on how you use it. Please, share your experience and best practice!
What is your overall workflow system? What devices and other software do you use?
How do you organize your collections/subcollections? Do you use Zotero as your library catalog (containing almost all of your academic papers) or for projects? Do you use collections for research fields or your projects? Do you use recursive collections?
How do you use tags? For status (unread, hardcopy, 5 stars etc.) or as academic keywords?
How do you store you pdfs and other attachments? Attach files or links? Store in your hard drive, drobbox, Zotero cloud? How do you access pdfs?
It is not exactly about tricks & tips. It would be very interesting and instructive to see your integral solutions and the philosophy behind them.
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