a couple of suggestions which would make zotero even better

Hi, first of all: I am really impressed by zotero. It is actually one of the most impressive piece of software I have seen and will make my life a lot easier!

I have a couple of thinks in mind which would increase the working speed.

- one klick buttons for adding stuff to an article, book... I am thinking about notes, attachments and links (related). Their is enough pace on the right site next to the quick search and over the area with the different tabs.

- When I drag&drop items into word the formated citation (name 1993, Titel ...) is insert. This is certainly a very helpful thing. When I am writing a text, however, it would be helpful to drop&drop the in-text reference (name 1992: page) instead of going through the dialog box. The most amazing thing would be to have the option for something like the document structure on the right side of word with a list of all references and a small quick search field. Drag&Drop from their would be so nice. Unfortunatly, I have no idea whether this is possible.

- I read in the forum that it is possible to display embedded notes independed of their source when creating reports. I would like to have the same option for saved searches. Not in general but for every search together with options which are displayed when I klick on "Edit saved search".

- easier way to merge tags. currently, I have to rename them independently.

- I can drag items on tags. why not tags on items?

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