Perhaps I overlooked something but I wondered about Zotero's proxy functionality. Generally, it is a great tool and works fine. But my question is this:

Zotero recognized using a proxy when I access I wonder whether I could tell Zotero to use a proxy whenever I access any website, whether it is or, say,, i.e. * I've tried to enter that in the proxy preferences but it does not seem to work?

  • There's no easy way to do this. However, if you have configured a multi-host proxy and "Automatically associate new hosts" is checked, Zotero will learn to redirect new hosts when you access them through the proxy.
  • Thank you for your reply. I would be happy if I simply could add * to the list of sites which need redirection.

    My question is triggered by the migration to a new computer - now I have to learn Zotero anew which sites to access via my library.
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