pre-flight detection

I know this has been requested before, and I know the algorithm is being improved and so on. That is, I understand Duplicate Detection is a work in progress.

But right now I'm returning to an EBSCOhost search of the ATLAS database. I am getting a ton of new hits. But I need to look at each item, then check My Library to see if I have it, then, if I don' it. It's pretty time intensive (and annoying :)) given the quantity of new hits I'm getting.

So, just another plug for some sort of indication or warning that the item I am about to save (or just saved. I have no idea of the best mechanism) already has an exact match in my library. No need (at the moment) for a sophisticate algorithm, since it the same database, the meta data should be exact.

I read the following 2 threads and a bunch of others, (most dating to before 3.0) but didn't find anything current re: pre-flight detection.

Thanks for keeping this on the radar.
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