Zotero Standalone with German Inteface

I am using an englisch Version of Win7 but would still like to use the german Interface of Zotero - is there a way to achieve this? As far as I understand the support-document it is possible to use the english version of zotero on a non-english OS but is it possible to do it the other way - using a german version of zotero standalone on an english OS?
I have to run a workshop in less than two hours so a fast answer would be really great...


"In Zotero Standalone, the interface language defaults to matching the operating system's language. To override this and use English instead of the operating system's language, open Preferences→Advanced→Open about:config), and set intl.locale.matchOS to false."
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    I think if you set matchOS to false, set general.useragent.locale (mentioned further up on that page, but via Preferences→Advanced→Open about:config in Standalone) to 'de', and restart Standalone, that would do it.
  • thanks a lot for the quick reply, dan - it worked fine.
    however, fiddling with the about:config - file is not something the average user likes (or is able) to do. do you see a possibility to include a "switch-zoteros-language" - feature somewhere in the zotero preferences?
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