Issues in creating a style

I have been working on a citation styles that should match requirements by Oxford UP for a peculiar serie (git://
Before submitting it, there are a few issues I can't solve:
- in multicitation, it uses commas instead of semicolon to indicate a further article/book of the same author.
- Word (2007) doesn't understand the subsequent-author-substitute option, while in the test panel, it works
- to fit perfectly to the editor's requirement, I would need to use small capitals for author's names in bibliography, but not for 'and' in case of multi authored work, nor for 'ed(s).'
Thanks in advance for any help
  • 1. You mean (Meyer 1999; Smith 1776, 1991)? That's not possible in csl 1.0, though it will be possible in csl 1.0.1:
    Zotero can already read csl 1.0.1 so you can use that, though we won't accept it to the repository right now.

    2. Most likely an encoding issue - make sure your text editor encodes the style as utf-8

    3. - apply small caps just to the family and given name and the rest will come out right.
  • Thanks a lot for your quick answer
    1. I mean "Allison 2006; 2004; Zevi 1994" instead of "Allison 2006, 2004; Zevi 1994" that I automatically obtain
    2. and 3. I will try, thanks
  • 1. ah yes, we changed the default because the comma is more common - same idea, though - you can set the semicolon as the cite-group-delimiter in csl 1.0.1
  • Ok, so just need to wait for release
    Thanks a lot
  • as I said - you don't need to wait for the release - this will work already in Zotero. CSL 1.0.1 isn't completely finalized, so some things may still change, but this is not among them.
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