Citing or exporting title, archive, short title, and call number

I've been using Zotero to catalogue images in an image library which uses several different numbers to refer to images. The data is sometimes incomplete so no one number type can be used to list all the images. In Zotero I have used Archive for the name of the image archive, Call Number for the negative number and Short Title for the catalogue number. I have a list of about 200 images.

I'm about to visit an archive and want to print out a list of image title, archive, negative numbers (where known), and catalogue number for each image. Being a new Zotero user, I did not realise how hard this would be.

There is no Excel export, and the workaround doesn't include call number and short title. I've tried "report", several of the export options, and a few citation styles, but none will produce the information I want. I don't mind stripping out extraneous info - that's not a problem - but I need title, archive, call number, and short title.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, perhaps of a citation style which includes these fields?

  • call number cannot be used in citation styles, so that won't work.
    But what's wrong with report?
    That should have all fields, including title, archive, call number and short title - though it only includes fields that have something in them, of course.
  • You're right - it does have both call number and short title fields now. It only had Title, Type, Archive (I think, maybe not), and Dates earlier - perhaps updating to 3.0.8 (which I've done while struggling with this) has helped.

    It's not a very handy format for stripping down, but it will do! Thank you!
  • check this out:
    I believe it still works, though it's a bit dated.
  • It worked perfectly - thanks very much for your help.
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