Line height problem in bibliographic copy

Several of us have posted on the Scrivener site that we are having problems pasting bibliographic references into the Scrivener note fields from Zotero. The lines write over each other, making several lines look like one line of scribbles. I can paste into Word, then copy and paste from there--clearly not ideal.

Scrivener has identified it as a problem with Zotero that Word has apparently worked around. Here's the Scrivener support response:

It looks like the clipboard tool has an encoding issue, but that's okay, the important stuff is around the weird characters. If I had to guess I'd say it is because Zotero isn't specifying a unit for the line-height code. You can see how the text indent and padding values have an "em" after the number, that is a unit for specifying lengths based on the current font size. In HTML, numbers without a unit specification are handled as pixels, so Scrivener is setting the line-height to 1.35 pixels, which is extremely tiny. That's why both lines are overlapping each other.

So it looks like Zotero needs to be made aware of this. I suppose we could break convention and assume a bare number is "em"---that might be what Word is doing---but they'll probably want to fix that on their end. I'll make sure Lee sees this thread so he can make a decision on how to handle it.
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    Scrivener support is wrong. You can point them here:

    The used value of the property is this number multiplied by the element's font size.
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