Chicago Export Styles

Hi all I know that this has been discussed other places however, I am still not able to get the Chicago note style to create short notes correctly. Every time I insert a note using the MS word plugin the note is created with just the Author's last name not their first. The bib reference is correct it is just the Note component that does not want to cooperate. I have reinstalled the styles from the zotero repository, updated zotero, etx. I have also double checked the default export style in zotero and made sure to set the document preferences in the zotero plugin for word in the document I am working on. I am using the Ctrl-Alt-A to insert the endnote in Is there something that I am missing something?
  • If you want full notes, use the Chicago full notes style. The Chicago Note style - in line with the "short notes" section of the manual - doesn't print first names.
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