Style fix needed

Hi everyone,

the Institut für Ethnologie of Universität Göttingen in Germany issued a citation style for Zotero in March 2009. The style (csl) as well as the citation guidelines (pdf) can be found here.

While it worked flawless in the past, the style unfortunitely produces errors in recent Zotero versions (e.g. "not valid" and similar). I tried to contact the person who once created the style and is mentioned in the code but with no success so far.

I would be more than happy if someone more knowledgable than I am could help out fixing it so it is working again. Maybe it could also be included in Zotero's style repository.

Thank you very much.

  • Validation report:

    (should be an easy fix)
  • Try installing

    It's still CSL 0.8.1, but should work with Zotero.
  • Hey Rintze,

    that was really fast. Thank you very much. The style seems to work again. What should I do now? Should I recommend to the university staff to update their style and replace it with your fixed version? Or do you recommend some other kind of rework before publishing it? How about including it to Zotero's style repository?

    Thank you
  • The recommendation to the university would be to take Rintze's version of the style, upgrade it to CSL 1.0 (which can be done automatically)
    check if it's still accurate and then submit it for inclusion to the Zotero repository:
  • Thanks for the reply. I followed the instruction from your first link and upgraded Rintze's version of the style with the help of

    A quick test went fine (I tried to "create bibliography from collection", "insert citaton" in Word 2007 and "insert bibliography"). I checked that the style requirements meet and it was validated successfully on as well as on

    If you feel that's safe enough I'd be going forward now and submit the style to the repository (Method B) and send a copy/link to the university's staff.

  • that'd be great. No reason the submission has to come from someone "official" (most styles aren't).
  • Ok, thank you. Then I will try that now or tomorrow. In case of a problem I will post here again but I guess everything will be fine now.

    Thanks again everybody for the kind and quick (!) help :)

    Have a nice day
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