Expand Keyboard Shortcut Bindings

hello zotero community!

i think the current keyboard shortcuts binding is limited and the fixed ctrl+alt+letter is not a joy to use (zotero standalone), i would like to see more features to be open for shortcuts binding, add keyboard profile for browser based or standalone and with versatile bindings like single keys, vim-like shortcuts, and using only ctrl+letter, shift+letter, alt+letter.

e.g. new item then adding attachment (pdf using attach link to file)
1. ctrl+alt+N -creates new item
2. right-click mouse
3. select add attachment
4. select attach link to file
5. look for the file
6. done

expanded keyboard shortcut bindings (for standalone)
1. ctrl+t - creates new item
2. ctrl+a / press aa(vim-like)- add attachment link to file
3. look for the file
4. done

  • If keyboard commands are that important to you, have a look at vimperator? You may even be able to install that in Standalone.
  • hello adamsmith,

    thanks for all the help! i tried your suggestion, but its not compatible

    i got the vimperator here http://www.vimperator.org/vimperator - latest version 3.4
    drag+drop it to zotero add-on manager/used install add-on from file
    it states that it may be incompatible with the version of zotero

  • I would really appreciate an expanded list of shortcuts as well, in particular, Add Tag would be nice to have as a shortcut to save having to click into the tag list for each item in the library.

    Vimperator is incompatible with zotero at the moment.

    Anyone else have any ideas? It would make work much easier.

    As an idea of what I'm thinking of, in GMail, labels can be applied by simply pressing the l-key when in the inbox. It makes it very easy...
  • Look at Zutilo:
    and Keyconfig:
    which work great for me (and Zutilo has an add tag shortcut)

    I know that Dan agrees in general, though, to add some more keyboard shortcuts to regular Zotero. Suggestions for key-combinations would be helpful.
  • That works, thanks a lot for your help adam. this is one of the main features I was looking for. but in general, you can never have enough keyboard shortcuts!
  • Both Zutilo and Keyconfig work, however, they are not really suitable form group working. Differently from personal usage, in case of a group each member should understand how to setup zotero. That is just painful.

    Quick attachment of a file, as described above, would be useful.
  • thanks Adam! this worked! but it was pretty laborious to figure out. I have limited mobility in my arms and can't use a mouse really well. I would really appreciate a keyboard shortcut for saving a page/citation information and PDF.
  • unless I misunderstand, specifying a shortcut for
    in keyconfig should work.

    Generally, suggestions for shortcut keys are still welcome.
    Especially things that work when the Zotero pane is closed (like this one) are tricky, as there are many sources for conflict, so we'd need to know for each system what common problems are in both Firefox and the OS.

    Shortcuts that are only active when Zotero is open or in Standalone are less problematic.
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